MOT campaign in support of the restoration of art institutions


Module of Temporality (MOT) is the largest international art project of the year in Ukraine. It is a temporary cultural space by don’t Take Fake, created with an international team, and an eponymous exhibition of contemporary art with 28 artists from 10 countries curated by Fabrice Bousteau.

The exhibition is dedicated to the theme “Temporality”, it is an attempt to capture the fluidity of life and its time in art, to show uncertainty and at the same time to support the desire to continue living, creating, fighting.

And one of the key goals is to help renovate art institutions damaged during Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. The page below is dedicated to this campaign.

UAH collected

  1. Kyiv
    02–05, 2023
  2. Dnipro
    06, 2023
  3. Lutsk
    07–08, 2023
  4. Lviv
    09–10, 2023
  5. Next stage

MOT Fund

All funds generated by the MOT project — payment for tickets to the exhibition and special events, profits from the gift store and sales of the printed DTF Magazine — form a special fund that will be used for the restoration. The space is now traveling with the exposition, and after the exhibition part is over, we will hold a charity auction in Europe with the artists’ works, the proceeds of which will also go to the general MOT fund.

100% of the money raised in the fund will be donated to the restoration of art institutions, including museums, which will be selected by the project team and specialists from the cultural sphere. Depending on the amount raised and the scale of damage, we will be able to support one or several objects. A report on the funds raised and spent will be posted on the website and on the @mot.object Instagram page.


If you work in a team of art institutions affected by Russian aggression, please fill in the form — we will also submit this information to the experts.

Given the limited amount of money we can donate for restoration, we will have to choose among all the objects. But by spreading the word about these art institutions, we encourage other teams and businesses to help restore them. To do this, we will draw up an additional shortlist based on the applications sent in to give a broader picture.


Based on the UNESCO list and data from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, we have selected six damaged art institutions in need of reconstruction assistance and located in Ukrainian-controlled territories (as of August 2023).

Who's doing the restoration?

We, don’t Take Fake, the Kyiv-based organizing team of MOT, and the Lutsk-based NGO ‘Algorytm of Actions’, which shares our desire to develop the country’s cultural environment, help rebuild art institutions, and show that culture can sustain in difficult times.

In September our joint campaign dedicated to the restoration of damaged art institutions was launched. The don't Take Fake team and the NGO ‘Algorytm of Actions’ want to draw attention to art institutions that have been damaged or completely destroyed due to Russian attacks. We are also accepting applications from institutions that are not on the official lists but need support for their restoration.

All applications will be reviewed by a specially formed team of experts who will help us select one or more institutions. The final decision will also depend on the amount of funds raised, which will be known after the auction.

If you represent a company and would like to support our initiative, there are several ways to do it. Or email us at [email protected] and we will come up with a joint solution.